Jen Lewin Studio

I have had a many year association with Jen Lewin, the renowned interactive artist. She first approached me to design the drivers for her lighting system in the piece “The Water Tree” by Lawrence Argent. You can see the installation at the Solaris Residences in Vail, Colorado. Since then I have designed several more systems including a tiny controller and the technology behind her latest version of the Pool, Laser Harp, and several other installations, including hardware design, firmware and application level software. Be sure to check out Jen’s website. She does amazing, beautiful work.
Aqueous PCB
Aqeuous installation graphic

Aqeuous board design and conceptual art of installation at Burning Man

With Liberty And Justice For All installation lit
Application program

Firmware and application for the lighting of Jim Hodges "With Liberty and Justice for All (A work in progress)"

Flux installation
Two-board Flux PCB assembly
Flux Driver PCB

Flux Driver (controller) and Flux Power (power supply)
Above, Flux installation at the University of Akron

Sidewalk harp installation

The Sidewalk Harp installed at Be The Match Registry headquarters in Minneapolis.
(Photos courtesy of Jen Lewin Studio)

Pool Assembly on table
Pool PCB in fixture

Pool Assemblies

Blue Pool with people

The Pool installed at iLight Marina Bay in Singapore

Pool PCB from Eagle
Pool Utility application

Above Right: Pool Utility program
Above Left: Pool controller PCB
Below: Tiny white or RGB battery powered controller

Tiny white or RGB battery driver
The Water Tree

The Water Tree by Lawrence Argent. Light Art by Jen Lewin.

Water Tree PCB
Water Tree controller PCB