danjuliodesigns, LLC is the corporate entity for me, Dan Julio, an electrical engineer living and working in the foothills above Boulder, Colorado. An experiment in mixing life, creativity and business, it is a vehicle to explore a lifelong passion for technology and invention. danjuliodesigns provides embedded systems engineering consulting services and designs and develops its own products. I am involved in the Maker movement and support the sharing of knowledge that is a cornerstone of the maker community. Projects and knowledge shared by others have helped me immensely. I hope that the projects shared on this website are useful to others.


Solar Pi Platter as documented on Hackaday.io. An expansion board for the Raspberry Pi Zero that allows you to power the Zero and peripherals from a LiPo battery and charge it from Solar or traditional power supplies. Switchable USB ports, optional ethernet, PWM outputs, analog inputs and a RTC capable of powering the system up at a preset time. Available on kickstarter later this year.
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Home Automation using my QualColorâ„¢ control protocol and custom controls and fixtures. 3D printed custom parts.
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Giulio Lighting

My company, Giulio Lighting, specializes in easy-to-use decorative color wash LED lighting systems and controls. Control the high-quality Ambi cabinet fixture, flexible OEM LED arrays or DMX fixtures with an intuitive touch sensitive remote control. Light as paint and sculpture.
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Control a world of color with your fingertip